Making a Sister a Mock Initiation for Ladies
The Original Declaration of Independence Constitution of the United States and Miniature Sketches of the Signers
How to Use Olive Butter A Collection of Valuable Cooking Recipes
Heaven in Easter
Hiawatha the Indian Passion Play
Gleanings by the Way
Joan of Arc Monologue
Guide to Washington DC and Environs
Mental Hygiene and Rural Sanitation
Letter of Horace Greeley to Messrs Geo W Blunt John A Kennedy John O Stone Stephen Hyatt and 30 Others Members of the Union League Club
Memorial Address on the Life and Character of William McKinley Delivered at Hoople ND September 19th 1901
A Memorial Discourse on the Life Character and Services of General Jeremiah Johnson Of Brooklyn the First President of the St Nicholas Society of Nassau Island
My Peter!
Grand Army of the Republic Its Birthplace and Christening at Decatur Macon County Illinois April 6 AD 1866 Charter of Post No 1
The Northern Man with Southern Principles and the Southern Man with American Principles Volume 2
Our Political Practice The Usurpations of Vice Through the Popular Negligence Volume 1
How Beth Won the Camp Fire Honor a Comedy-Drama in Two Acts
Moral Instruction in the Public Schools Through the Story
Obituary Address on the Occasion of the Re-Interment of the Remains of James Pepper Pratt First Lieut and Adjutant 1st Bat 11th Regt U S Infantry Volume 2
Before the Congress of the United States
Our Country and Slavery a Friendly Word to the REV Francis L Hawks and Other Northern Clergymen
Henry Morton or the Twin Brothers
High Brown Breach of Promise
Was Abraham Lincoln a Myth
The Unvailing [Sic] of Divine Justice in the Great Rebellion A Sermon
Mammas Joy and Papas Pearl or Canadas Winter Carnival
On the Banks of the Mystic An Historic Festival Under the Auspices of the Medford Historical Society and the Personal Direction of Miss Margaret McLaren Eager
Massachusetts Creamery Interests
Propagation and Protection of the Rhine Salmon from Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries Volume XXVIII 1908
Service Flag Day March 29 1918
Whispers Among the Hills
Rules and Regulations Program of Studies Adopted Text Books for County High Schools July 1 1922
Chief Justice Marshall and the Constitutional Law of His Time
The Presidential Issue And Its Effect Upon the Business and Prosperity of the Country
Brownings Poems (Selected)
Nothing Short of a Notice to Spain to Quit the Western Hemisphere Will Meet the Requirements of the Situation
To the People of Alabama
War Extension Service
Speeches of Hon Horatio Seymour at the Conventions Held at Albany January 31 1861 and September 10 1862
Rebate of Certain Coal Duties Hearinhs Before the Committee on Ways Means
Reconstruction--The President and Congress Volume 1
The Truth about Homer With Some Remarks on Prof Jebbs Introduction to Homer
Biennial Report of the Chief of the Bureau
Christian Mosaic Pictures A Catalogue of Reproductions of Christian Mosaics Exhibited in the South Kensington Museum
Myrmecologische Beitrage
Annual Reports of the President and Treasurer of Harvard College
An Address on the Life Character and Writings of Elisha Bartlett Before the Middlesex North District Medical Society December 26 1855
III Criminal Aggression By Whom Committed
Lecture Upon the Controversy Between Pennsylvania and Virginia about the Boundary Line Delivered at the University Building December 5th 1843
Consecration a Poem on the Opening and Consecration of a Chapel in the Parish of Sundridge
Franzosische Heldensage Die
Picture Studies Volume 1 Part 1
Constitution of the State of Louisiana Adopted in Convention July 31 1852
The Bible on the Side of Science A Lecture Delivered in New York December 14 1874 Before the Society for the Advancement of Science and Art
Two Lectures I History of the Introduction of State Normal Schools in America II a Prospective
Climates of the Northwest Being Condensed Notes of a Lecture Delivered by Hon S Garfielde
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Address Delivered at Paoli Massacre Ground July 4th 1867
Constitution of the Bar Association of the City of New York
On Compromises of Truth in Religious Teaching A Lecture Delivered in St Georges Catholic Cathedral
Regulated Slave Trade from the Evidence of RStokes Given Before the Select Committee of the House of Lords in 1849
Notes on the Aquatic Insects of Walnut Lake With Especial Reference to a Few Species of Considerable Importance as Fish Food
Narrative of Prison Life at Baltimore and Johnsons Island Ohio
Biennial Report of the State Board of Land Commissioners of the State of Montana to the Legislative Assembly Volume 1898-00
Inaugural Address of Governor
Spasmodic Asthma A Thesis for the MB Degree of the University of Cambridge
The Dartmouth College Case and Private Corporations A Paper
Canadian North-West Climate and Productions A Misrepresentation Exposed
Alexandre Vattemare His Service in Connection with the Boston City Library
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Robert M A Hawk (a Representative from Illinois) D
Select List of References on Industrial Arbitration
A List of Genealogies in Preparation 1906 With an Appendix
Temperance V Teetotalism the Human Body A Paper with Additions and Appendix
Anniversary Oration Issue 2
Wyoming as an Agricultural State Address on the Reclamationof the Arid Lands Before the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Jan 16 1894
Unit Equipment Manual for the Aviation Section Signal Corps July 1917
Marriage with a Deceased Wifes Sister An Address Delivered at a Meeting of Scottish Churchmen in Edinburgh on Tuesday November 28th 1882
The York Pionee Volume 51
Westmorland Slates Their Geology Chemistry and Architectural Value a Paper Read Before the Manchester Society of Architects 7th January 1896
Miracles and the Miraculous
Charming Leander A Comedy in One Act
His First Case A Farce
From Darkness to the Dawn
History of Art Outlines Vol I Ancient Art
Witchcraft in Kenmore 1730-57 Extracts from the Kirk Session Records of the Parish
Missouris Centennial
Annual Reports of the Selectmen and Superintending School Committee of the Town of Franklin Volume 1871
Course of Study in Pedagogics
On the Waste of Wealth Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Where Rolls the Oregon
Annual Report of the Treasurer of the Western Shore for December Session 1840 To the General Assembly of Maryland in Pursuance of an Act of the Legislature Passed at December Session 1824 Entitled an ACT Relating to the Treasurer of the Western a
The Capture of Ticonderoga in 1775 A Paper Read Before the Vermont Historical Society at Montpelier Tuesday October 19th 1869
Nouvelles Fourmis DAfrique
Speech of Hon Horatio Seymour Before the Democratic Union State Convention at Albany September 10th 1862 on Receiving the Nomination for Governor Also His Speech Delivered at the Albany Convention Jan 31st 1861
Annual Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of North Carolina for the Year [Serial] Volume 1880
A Row at the Ruggles A Farce in One Act
Slavery Its Origin Influence and Destiny Volume 2
Annual Reports of the Town of Barnstead New Hampshire Volume 1888
Proposals Relating to Parliamentary Reform A Sketch of the History of the Question Since 1832 Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Historic Burial-Places of Boston and Vicinity
Short Summary of the Life of Major-General Sir Isaac Brock KB
Military Contributions Report
Log of the Cruise of Schooner Julius Webb
Luther Burbanks Bounties from Nature to Man
John Warwick Daniel Address Delivered at the Unveiling of Ezekiels Statue of Senator Daniel at Lynchburg Va May 16 1915 Volume 1
Pew Rents and the New Testament Can They Be Reconciled
The Case Against the Burials Bill Being a Paper Read Before the Rural Decanal Chapter of Bolton-Le Moors Lancashire and Published at Their Request Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Annual Report of the Treasurer Selectmen and School Committee of the Town of Laconia for the Year Ending Volume 1880
Annual Report of the Town of Candia New Hampshire Volume 1895
Peaches Production Estimates and Important Commercial Districts and Varieties
Funeral Sermon on the Late Hon Christopher Gore
Western Theological Seminary Address Delivered on the Occasion of the Laying of the Corner-Stone of Memorial Hall a New Dormitory North Side Pittsburgh Pennsylvania May the Fourth MCMXI
Fruit Culture
Ants Collected by W M Mann in the State of Hidalgo Mexico
Charleston South Carolina The Advantages of the City of Charleston as a Port of Import and Export for the Trade and Commerce of the Northwestern States of the United States and of Central and South America the West Indies and Europe The Report of
Cut Off with a Schilling a Comedietta in One Act
United States History Outlined
Annual Report Campton New Hampshire Volume 1898
Old Dedham Days and Ways
Leather Investigations The Composition of Some Sole Leathers
Hon C C White
Deviled Crabs
Supplementary Report on Items I and II of the Agenda
Faith-Healing in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Read Before the American Folk-Lore Society November 29 1890
Natural Equality a Sermon Before the Vermont Colonization Society at Montpelier October 17 1833 Volume 1
Historical Chips of Missouri
A View of the United States Historical Geographical and Statistical
Masterful Tributes to the Memory of President Lincoln Volume 2
Granny of the Hills
Columbian Army and Navy Guard Memorial Service
Report from the Secretary of State in Compliance with a Resolution of the Senate of the 8th Instant in Relation to the Publication of the Documentary History of the American Revolution March 19 1838
Tennessee Hotel Inspection Law Rules and Regulations
[Officers Constitution and List of Members]
Looking Toward Peace
Official Souvenir 250th Anniversary 1642-1892 Volume 1
The Bull-Run Rout
Live Stock Sanitary Laws of the State of Michigan
A Day and a Night
Horton Family Year-Book Volume 2
Uncle Sam the Real and the Ideal
Old Fort Sandoski and the de Lery Portage
Our Aunt from California A Farce in One Act
Speech of Hon George S [!] Pugh of Ohio on the Condition of Affairs in Kansas Territory Delivered in the United States Senate May 26 1856
Address on the Centenary Observance of Horace Greeley at Amherst
Laws and Regulations Relating to the Yosemite National Park California
Economic Tree Planting
The Trail of the Olympian
Address of Maj Gen
Bird and Game Laws of Rhode Island
Geography of Massachusetts
Reminiscences of Philadelphia During the Past Half Century
The Fire Lands
Cassius M Clay and Gerrit Smith
I Want a Woman with a Soul and Other Poems
Speeches of Hon Carter H Harrison of Illinois on the Treatment of Savages Delivered July 8 1876 and on Texas Border Question Delivered July 12 1876
Ireland and Secession An Answer to Lloyd George
Institutional Food Conservation
Descriptive Lecture
Lusitania Claims Message from the President of the United States Transmitting in Response to Senate Resolution of August 16 1921
Modern Statesmen--A Satire
Forest Reservations Address Delivered Before the Joint Session of the Colorado Legislature March 1909
Maud Muller
Fowl Deeds A Negro Comedy
Inspiring Verse
Constitution of the Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of William A Duncan (a Representative from Pennsylvania) Delivered in the House of Representatives and in the Senate Forty-Eighth Congress Second Session Volume 1
Days at Mount Vernon a Collection of Authentic Incidents in Modern Times
Educational Survey of Candler County Georgia
Eulogies on the Death of Hon William Smyth in the House of Representatives December 21 1870
From Idaho to You
Confession and Execution of Horace B Conklin
Effects of Expolosive Sounds Such as Those Produced by Motor Boats and Guns Upon Fishes
In Memoriam Volume 2
Germany and the United States
A History of the First Presbyterian Church of Springfield NY Presented in a Memorial Discourse July 16 1876
Education in Home Economics
James and John A Play in One Act
Consolatio Ode in Memory of Those Members of the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Three of Stanford University Who Died During the Month of Their Graduation
France--Her Problems
Lyric Gems No 1
Manual of Instructions for County Forest Wardens and District Forest Wardens and Information in Regard to the Prevention and Suppression of Forest Fires
Vindication of Judge Advocate General Holt from the Foul Slanders of Traitors Their Aiders Abettors and Sympathizers Acting in the Interest of Jefferson Davis Volume 2
Sun-Views of the Earth or the Seasons Illustrated Comprising Forty-Eight Views of the Earth as Supposed to Be Seen for the Sun at Differents Hours and Seasons with Five Enlarged Sun-Views of England and a Diagram Representing the Earths Daily Motion I
Introductory Lecture to the Course on the Early History of Massachusetts by Members of the Massachusetts Historical Society at the Lowell Institute Boston Delivered Jan 5 1869
Annual Report of the Town of Candia New Hampshire Volume 1876-77
Lessons of the Yorktown Centennial Address of the Hon JLM Curry LL D
Two Sermons On the Duty and Joy of Frequent Public Worship Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Beitrage Zur Monographie Der Formiciden Des Palaarktischen Faunengebietes (Hym) (Fortsetzung) 3 Die Mit Aphaenogaster Verwandte Gattungen-Gruppe
Address of the New-York Young Mens Anti-Slavery Society to Their Fellow-Citizens
Statement of Appropriations 1879-1918 Inclusive for National Parks and National Monuments Under the Jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Interior
Behold! the Man! and Other Poems
Canterbury New Hampshire Annual Report Volume 1890
Tyranny of Theodore Roosevelt
Proceedings at a Special Meeting of the Survivors Association of Charleston District July 25th 1890 the Defense of Charleston Harbor
Speech of Mr Winthrop of Massachusetts on the Annexation of Texas
Reports from the Kentucky State Historical Society from Its Reorganization October 6 1896 to October 4 1902
Souvenir Program Celebration Dorchester Historical Society of the Two Hundred and Seventy-Eighth Anniversary of the Settlement of Dorchester in the Year 1630 on Savin Hill Saturday June 6 1908
Jubilee Booklet Programs and Addresses Fiftieth Anniversary of Pittsburgh Synod and Inauguration of Reverend Edward S Bromer to the Chair of Practical Theology in the Theological Seminary at Lancaster Pa Pittsburgh Pa October 11-15 1921
Fewer Acres with a System of Improvement Or Twenty Acres to the Horse in All Crops Enough
Report of the Trustees of the Subscription Fund for the Benefit of Cambridge Volunteers Volume 1
How the Club Was Formed
Address Made at the General Court of the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
Annual Report of the Town of Bow New Hampshire Volume 1885
Annual Report Volume 43
Poem Delivered Before the Connecticut Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa Society
Statistics of Drunkenness and Liquor Selling Under Prohibitory and License Legislation 1874 and 1877
Bleinheim a Poem Inscribd to the Right Honourable Robert Harley Esq
The German Students First Book Or a General Introduction to All German Grammars and Elementary Works
The Ministry of the Church of Christ Proved to Have Always Consisted of Various Orders
Thyrotomy for the Removal of Laryngeal Growths Modified
Herr Policarpus SOM Afwen Kallas Riddar Finke Huruledes Han Halftredje Hundrade AR for an Han Blef Fodd Igenomreste Manga Land Och Riken Och Sag Mang Underlig Ting
Brief Statement of Facts Relative to the Proposed Rail-Road from Fitchburg to Brattleborough
Aspects of College and University Administration A Report to the Trustees of Dartmouth College
The Treaty-Making Power Under the Constitution Article on the Treaty-Making Power Under the Constitution of the United States
A Table of References to Unrepealed Public General Acts Arranged in the Alphabetical Order of Their Short or Popular Titles
Annual Report of the Directors of the American Education Society Volume 52
Denbigh Castle and Its Associations A Poem
Pauperism in Great Cities The Duties Which It Imposes with Suggestions for Its Cure - A Discourse Preached Jan 11 1857
Questions and Answers on the Liturgy of the Church of England
John Wesley Vindicated by Himself An Allegory for the Wesleyan Centenary
Classification of the Literature of Freemasonry and Related Societies
Deafness Giddiness Noises in the Head Their Treatment and Cure by a New Method with Analysis of 500 Cases Successfully Treated
Education in Bavaria
A Sermon Delivered Before the Executive and Legislative Departments of the Government of Massachusetts At the Annual Election Wednesday Jan 7 1863
The Annexation of Hawaii A Right and a Duty An Address
A Letter to a Friend Relating to the Present Convocation at Westminster
An Introductory Lecture Delivered in the University of London on Thursday October 2 1828
Chronological Rhymes in Modern History
Brown Memorial Family of Benjamin Brown MD
The Epistles to the Romans in Greek in Which the Text of Robert Stephens Third Edition
To the Men Behind the Armies An Address Delivered on February 18 1917 at the Aeolian Hall at a Meeting of the Fight for Right Movement
Field Battalion Signal Corps Tables of Organization and Equipment 1917
Fillmores Political History and Position
My Reminiscences of Ezra Cornell An Address Delivered Before the Cornell University on Founders Day January 11th 1890
Our Big Guns an Address Delivered in the Town Hall Birmingham
Hatching the Lucky Egg
Annual Report Volume 6
White Memories
Historical Description of the Certificate of Membership of the St Nicholas Society of New-York Adopted December 1 1892
The South an Address
Notes on the Evolution of the Arts Curriculum in the Universities of Aberdeen Prepared for the General Council by Its Clerk
Training of Teachers of Elementary and Secondary Mathematics
Letter to His Excellency Governor Manning on Public Instruction in South Carolina
Cloud and Sunshine
Historical Address Delivered by James W Hawes
Letters on Florida
Construction and Care of Earth Roads
The Community of Interests Method of Regulating Railroad Traffic in Its Historic Aspects
Recent Progress of Public Education in South A Paper Read Before the Georgia Teachers Association at Savannah May 5th 1870 Replete with Interesting Statistics and Gives a Full Exhibit of the Aid Rendered by the Peabody Fund
Fragments from the Mutilated Marriage Registers of St Marys Whittlesey In the Isle of Ely
Acoustics of Auditoriums
The Memoirs of Jesus
Latin Exercises
The Rival Candidates A Comic Opera in Two Acts As It Is Now Performing at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane
Speech of Gov Oliver P Morton at the Union State Convention Held at Indianapolis Ind February 23 1864
A Panoramic View from Bunker Hill Monument
Magazine Essays
Reservations Proposed Reservations to the Treaty of Peace with Germany
Blind A Comedy in One Act
Tables of Parabolic Curves for the Use of Railway Engineers and Others
Reports Volume 7
The Constitution of the United States with the Acts of Congress Relating to Slavery Embracing Th
The Third Critical War of Our National History An Address Before the Ohio Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States October 2 1918
Index Testaceologicus Or a Catalogue of Shells British and Foreign Arranged According to the Linnean System a List of the Plates of the Index Testaceologicus with the Lamarckian Names Adapted to the Figures in Each Plate
Selected Poetry
Virginius [A Tragedy in Five Acts]
Scrambled Eggs A Barnyard Fantasy
Statistics of Land-Grant Colleges and Agricultural Experiment Stations 1912
Lettres Choisies
Prize Essay Tobacco Diseases with a Remedy for the Habit
Profiting by Experience
Report Upon the Entomological Work Conducted in the District
Lichens of Licking County Ohio
Foreign Periodicals on Trade and Economic Conditions
The Grand Baby Show An Entertainment for Little Folks
Fourmis de Costa-Rica Recoltees Par M Paul Biolley
Annual Report of the Health Officer of the City of Coldwater Mich for 1899
An Anniversary Sermon Preached in Christ Church Cambridge Mass On the Sunday Before Advent November 25 1860
Episode Du Passage de La Republique (Variete Rouge) a Venise Un Avec Des Notes Historiques Et Des Pieces Justificatives
The Onward Age An Anniversary Poem
Rhyming Rules of Bridge
New-York Prohibitory Liquor Law An ACT for the Prevention of Intemperance Pauperism and Crime Passed April 9 1855 To Go Into Effect Twenty-Fifth Section Monday April 9th Section Second Tuesday May 1st the Remainder Wednesday July 4th 1855
Report on the Anglosaxon Documents in Wilkins Concilia
Mr Sidney Lee and the Baconians A Critic Criticised
Sluicing at the Kolchan Mines East Siberia
International Wireless Telegraph Convention Concluded Between Germany the United States of America Argentina Austria Hungary Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Chile Denmark Spain France Great Britain Greece Italy Japan Mexico Monaco Norway the N
Concord Authors at Home Concord the Town
Report of the State Geologist and Director
Human Geography Volume 1
Bulletin of the Department of Agriculture Volume 6 Parts 2-3
Cottages for Rural Districts
Hearings Held Before the Committee on the Public Lands of the House of Representatives February 8 1908 on HR 16277 To Provide for the Sale of Large-Growth and Matured Timber on Lands Heretofore Granted to the Territory of New Mexico and for Other P
An Exposition of the Political Character and Principles of John Quincy Adams Showing by Historical Documents That He Was Educated a Monarchist Has Always Been Hostile to Popular Government and Particularly to the Right of Suffrage
Address at the Funeral of Capt Lorenzo D Gove
Fisheries in Alaska
Reports of Commission on a Memorial to Major-General Israel Putnam to the General Assembly 1887 Majority and Minority Reports
Jordan The Seatonian Prize Poem for 1883
A Discourse Delivered Before the Rhode-Island Historical Society January 13 1847 Published at the Request of the Society
Genl Fitz John Porters Reply to Hon Z Chandlers Speech in the US Senate Feb 21 1870
Annual Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of North Carolina for the Year [Serial] Volume 1882
The Presidents Death Its Import A Sermon Preached in the Second Presbyterian Church Lafayette Indiana April 19 1865 on the Day of President Lincolns Funeral Volume 1
Winfield Scott Address
Aeneid First Book
Exhibition of Trophy Flags Now in Store at Naval Academy
Our Civil and Military Establishments
Bulletin Division of Entomology Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations Queensland Volume No 5
French Intervention in America Or a Review of La France Le Mexique Et Les Etats-Confederes
Jonathan Trumbull Address to the Advanced Scholars of the Public Schools at Hartford December 3 1897
What Became of the Slave on a Georgia Plantation Great Auction Sale
The Constitution and First Annual Report of the Association of Friends for the Diffusion of Religious and Useful Knowledge With Brief Extracts from Its Minutes Philadelphia First Month 7 1859
A Contribution to the Investigation of the Temperature Coefficient of Osmotic Pressure A Redetermination of the Osmotic Pressures of Cane Sugar Solutions at 20
Report of the Commission for the Preservation Protection and Appropriate Designation of the Endicott Rock at the Weirs
A Few Words on Hullahism To Which Are Added Wilhems Seven Songs on the Intervals
Have Missions to the Heathen Been a Failure Being a Reply to Some Current Objections Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Minutes of the Annual Session of the Synod of New Jersey Volume 1835
On the Magnetic Properties of Heuslers Alloys
de Censu Romanorum Primo Recentiores Quaedam Controversiae
Origin of the French Revolution
On the Jewish
Mechanical Arithmetic or the History of the Counting Machine
Des Cordes Harmoniques En General Et Specialement de Celles Des Instruments a Archet
The Work of the Second State Legislature 1859-60
A Discourse Delivered at the Dedication of a New House of Worship
The Fight at Dame Europas School Showing How the German Boy Thrashed the French Boy And How the
The Early Friends and Their Services in America An Address Read Before the Friends Institute for
Experiments with Diffusion and Carbonatation at Ottawa Kansas Campaign of 1885
The American Conflict An Address Spoken Before the New England Society of Montreal and a Public
The Great Betrayal Or the Invasion of East Anglia
John Knill 1733-1811
Calvinism an Address Delivered at St Andrews March 17 1871
Indian Migrations as Evidenced by Language Comprising the Huron-Cherokee Stock the Dakota Stock
A Direct and General Method of Finding the Approximate Values of the Real Roots of Numerical Equations
Speech of Hon David B Hill of New York in the Senate of the United States Against the Income-Tax
Unpublished Lyrics and Other Verse
Augustinismus Der Eine Dogmengeschichtliche Studie
On the Crucifixion and Resurrection a Poem
Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Immigration Association of California Incorporated November 18 1881
Black Blunders
Annual Report of the Town of Atkinson NH Volume 1888
Conservatism Its Principle Policy and Practice A Reply to Mr Gladstones Speech at Wigan 23rd October 1868 Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Vindication of the Union Volume 2
2 Score Years and 5 Quality
Speech Paris Treaty Volume 2
Prayer and Providence in Relation to the Death of President Garfield A Vindication of the Efficacy of Prayer and of the Administration of Providence
Program and Conditions of Competition for the New Building of the International Bureau of the American Republics
Voyage de MM Bedot Et Pictet Dans LArchipel Malais Formicides de LArchipel Malais
All on Account of a Bracelet A Comedy in One Act
Temper Self-Discipline Two Addresses to the Clergy Delivered in St Pauls Cathedral Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Address Delivered at the Twenty-Second Annual Fair of the Washington County Agricultural Society September 16th 1896
Opinion on the Right of the State of Georgia to Extend Her Laws Over the Cherokee Nation
Pennsylvania Reserves in the Peninsula
Ode to Jefferson Davis
Principles and Measures of True Democracy the Address of the Southern and Western Liberty Convention Held at Cincinnati June 11 1845 to the People of the United States Also the Letter of Elihu Burritt to the Convention
Catalogue of the Museum of Flags Trophies and Relics
First National Conference on the Work-Study-Play or Platoon Plan
Three Phases of Energy
Constitution and By-Laws and List of Members
Science for Nobleness for Knowledge and for Use an Address
Description of Craddocks Patent Universal Condensing Steam Engine to Which Is Appended the Relative Economy It Will Produce Upon the Present Modes of Generating and Using Steam
Economic Loss to the People of the United States Through Insects That Carry Disease
Address Delivered Before the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania at Its Twenty-Second Annual Session
A Discourse Pronounced Before His Excellency John Brooks Esq Governor His Honor William Phillips Esq Lieutenant Governor the Honorable Council and the Two Houses Composing the Legislature of Massachusetts on the Anniversary Election May 2818
Bonneville Administration Hearings Before the Committee on Rivers and Harbors House of Representatives Seventy-Ninth Congress First Session on HR 2690 and HR 2693 Bills to Amend the Bonneville Project ACT June 20 1945
Report on the Locusts of the San Joaquin Valley Cal
Reply to the Sequel of Hon Horace Mann Being a Supplement to the Bible the Rod and Religion in Common Schools
Save the Adirondack Forests and the Waterways of the State of New-York Opinions of the Press
Annual Reports for the Town of Bristol New Hampshire Volume 1872
American Emigration A Discourse in Behalf of the American Home Missionary Society Preached in the Cities of New York and Brooklyn May 1857
Christ Incarnate 3 Lectures
Description of the Universal Telegraph for Day and Night Signals
John Asgill on Several Assertions Proved 1696
Address Delivered Before the Members of the New-England Society in Charleston
Papers from the Department of Geology Issue 18
Chancellors English Essay 1873 the Effects of Continued War Upon a Nation
The Crowning City (Greater New York)
Litholapaxy Or Rapid Lithotrity with Evacuation
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 12 Issue 3
An Easter Holiday in Liguria With an Account of the Garden of the Palazzo Orengo at Mortola
The Virginius Case As Reviewed in England and Regarded by the New York Herald
Composition of California Shellmounds
Zur Pressreform in Oesterreich
A Letter of Remarkes Upon Jovian
A Discourse on the Duties of Church Members
The War Dog
The Beloved Physician A Sermon in West Church After the Decease of Dr Calvin Ellis
On Heredity in Relation to Disease The Harveian Oration for 1908 Delivered Before the Royal Colle
On Herbsts Method of Gold-Filling by Rotating Burnishers
Maryland as a Palatinate
An Address Delivered Before the Law Academy of Philadelphia On the Sixth of May 1835
United States Stamp Duties Containing All the Acts of Congress and Decisions of Commissioner of Internal Revenue Relating Thereto
The Opening the Use and the Future of Our Domain on This Continent
Samson Raphael Hirsch In Honor of the Centenary of His Birth
Logical Conditions of a Scientific Treatment of Morality
Memoir of General Montgomery
Devines Newark City Street Guide
Statistics Relating to the Saline Interests of Michigan
A Series of Articles on the Value of the Union to the South
Our First Decade
A Grammar of the Dialect of West Somerset
For One Who Fell in Battle For Eight-Part Chorus of Mixed Voices A Cappella
England America A Lecture Delivered by Goldwin Smith Before the Boston Fraternity During His Re
The Double-Crested Cormorant (Phalacrocorax Auritus)
Descriptive History and Real Estate Guide to the Town of Winthrop
Fly-Fishers Ephemeridae Being an Analysis of the British Ephemeridae
Incidents in the History of the Theosophical Movement Founded in New York City in 1875 by HP Blav
Means and End in Making a Concordance with Special Reference to Dante and Petrarch
Direct Taxation and Parliamentary Representation
The Equestrian Statue of George III
Wine-Drinking and the Scriptures
Louis XVIII Et LInamovibilite de La Magistrature
Saratoga Monument Association
The Bancroft Library a Report Submitted to the President and Regents of the University of Californi
The Cleveland Technical High School Its Inception Plans for Building and Equipment Together with a
Notes of the Judgment Delivered by Sir George Croke in the Case of Ship-Money
Lincoln the Gift of Illinois to Mankind An Address by Alexander Sullivan Delivered at a Banquet G
An Essay on the Place of Ecclesiasticus in Semitic Literature
The Baptist Position Its Experimental Basis
Digest of the Legislation and Decisions of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Annual Communications of T
The Cats Elegy
Increased Salaries for Teachers and Members of the Supervising Staff of the Boston Public Schools Statements and Statistics Prepared by the Boston School Committee in Support of House Bill No 1960 Relative to Appropriations for School Purposes in the C
A Letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of Exeter
A Collection of Diophantine Problems with Solutions
Reading List on House Decoration and Furnishing
Self Emancipation A Successful Experiment on a Large Estate in Louisiana
Recollections of the Evacuation of Richmond
Brief Introduction to the Study of the Chinese Language
The Development of Golden Gate Park And Particularly the Management and Thinning of Its Forest Tre
Biographical Sketch of the Russell Family and Connections
The Authenticity of the Poems of Ossian A Lecture
Ce Quest LAlaise de Novalaise Etude Archeologique Sur Les Alaises Et Sur La Ville de Bormanni
The Messengers of Peace a Christmas Allegory
Introduction to Seneca Fiction Legends and Myths
The Darling Family in America Being an Account of the Founders and First Colonial Families an Offi
In Memoriam Proceedings of the Bar on the Occasion of the Death of Peter Bentley Esquire Counselo
Immortality and Theism
To the London Times
Justice Righteousness Duty and Freedom the Only Sure Foundations of Empire
Jonathan Dickinson and the College of New Jersey Or the Rise of Colleges in America
A Discourse on the Moral Legal and Domestic Condition of Our Colored Population
The Ute War of 1879
The Fundamental Principles Involved in Dr Edward Cairds Philosophy of Religion
The Hydration of Normal Sodium Pyrophosphate to Orthophosphate in Varying Concentrations of Hydrogen
Che Gospeis in the Early Church
Old and New Style Fixed Dates Calendars and the Principles and Results of Emendations A Paper Read
The Groton Averys Christopher and James the Founders of the Family
Pamunkey Indians of Virginia
History of the Parks and Public Grounds of Minneapolis
Leukaemia of the Fowl Spontaneous and Experimental
The Assassination of President Lincoln
Types of the Times
Hadley The Regicides Indian and General History A Souvenir in Honor of Major-General Joseph Hooker and in Anticipation of the Memorial Exercises at His Birthplace Tuesday May 7 1895
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Division of Intercourse and Education
Weather Forecasting and Weather Types on the North Pacific Slope
Infant Baptism Founded Upon Scripture and History
God and Me Being a Brief Manual of the Principles That Make for a Closer Relationship of the Belie
Genealogy of the Burroughs Family
Tennysons Life and Poetry And Mistakes Concerning Tennyson
Verses in Peace and War
John Brown An Address by Frederick Douglass
The Hague Court Reports Great Britain Spain and France Versus Portugal in the Matter of the Expropriated Religious Properties in Portugal Awards Rendered September 2 and 4 1920 Under the Compromis Signed at Lisbon on July 31 1913 Between Great Brit
The Farmerette
University Education in Ireland
Scale-Insects in New Mexico
Invincible America A Plan of Constructive Defence
Game and Fish Laws of the State of Alabama
Petition of Mrs E O Wren for Relief
Report of the Historical Commission of Pennsylvania Volume 1st
Speech of the Hon Edwards Pierrepont in Favor of the Election of Gen Grant Delivered at the Great
Communication from the Governor of Virginia Transmitting Certain Correspondence and Reports in Reference to the Claim of Virginia Against the United States Government on Account of the Cession of the Northwest Territory
Biennial Report of the Montana State Board of Horticulture to the Legislative Assembly of the State of Montana for the Years
Peter Oliver the Last Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Judicature of the Province of Massachusetts Bay
Constitution and List of Members of the Nebraska Territorial Pioneers Association
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Lewis Beach (a Representative from New York)
Deliverance-Obstruction Or the Set-Backs of Reformation Discovered in a Sermon Before the Right Honourable the House of Peers in Parliament Now Assembled Upon the Monthly Fast March 25 1646
America Viewed Physically Politically Religiously A Discourse Delivered on Thanksgiving Day November 24 1864
Letter from Mr Stanly of N C to Mr Botts of Virginia
Kansas Contested Election Speech of Hon John Hickman of Pa Delivered in the House of Representatives March 19 1856
Reports in the Control of Floods in the River Systems of the Sacremento Valley and the Adjacent San Joaquin Valley Cal
Neue Und Unvollstandig Bekannte Ameisen Der Alten Welt
Memorial of the President and Managers of the Monogahela Navigation Company
Citt and Bumpkin the Second Part of a Learned Discourse Upon Swearing and Lying and Other Laudable Qualities Tending to a Thorow Reformation
Concerning the Location of the Grant Memorial in the Botanic Garden in the City of Washington Adverse Report
Report Volume 1901
Comparison of Silage and Shock Corn for Wintering Calves Intended for Beef Production
Jottings of Louisiana Illustrated Historical Sketch
Bulletin Volume 167
[The Ants of Russia] (Formicariae Imperii Rossici)
Is It a Aint An Inquiry Into the Lawfulness of Complying with the Rule of the National Board Relative to Religious Instruction
Dream and Story
Considerations on the Present State of Ireland And on the Best Means of Improving the Condition of Its Inhabitants
On Certain Indications of the Existence of an Allotropic Modification of Elementary Nitrogen and on the Synthesis of Ammonia
Infantry Outposts Detailed Instruction in Outpost Duty on the System Laid Down in the Field Exercise
A Letter from Borneo With Notices of the Country and Its Inhabitants Addressed to James Gardner Esq
Dr Henry Gibbons In Memoriam
Deportation and Colonization an Attempted Solution of the Race Problem
Maynooth Its History Teaching Results a Lect
Reminiscences of a Forty-Niner Being a Brief History of Lovington and Vicinity When It Was Yet in I
Report of the Committee Appointed on the 31st March 1896 to Consider and Report to the Council Upon the Subject of the Definition of a Standard or Standards of Thermal Efficiency for Steam-Engines
Party and Patronage An Address Prepared for the Annual Meeting of the National Civil-Service Reform League (April 28 1892)
The State Reserves of Maryland A Playground for the Public
The Policy of the Early Colonists of Massachusetts Toward Quakers And Others Whom They Regarded as Intruders 1881 by Henry L Southwick
The Use of the Slide Rule
Darkness in Egypt and Light in the Dwellings of the Children of Israel an Indication to Antiquity of the Prevalence of Light and Heat Throughout the Universe
Qualification Fur Den Staatlichen Bibliotheksdienst in Oesterreich Die Vortrag Gehalten Im Oesterreichischen Verein Fur Bibliotheswesen in Wien Am 19 Februar 1898
American Art Directory Volume 14
Instructions for Mounting Using and Caring for 6-Inch Barbette Carriage Model of 1900 October 10 1904 Revised December 3 1907
Annual Message of the Executive to the General Assembly of Maryland December Session 1844 Volume 1844
Purim A Series of Character-Poems in Four Parts and Tableaux Containing the Complete History from the Book of Esther
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 3 No 7
The Conquest of the North An Authentic Account of the Finding of the North Pole
Abraham Lincoln and His Last Resting Place Leaflet Published for Distribution at the National Lincoln Monument in the City of Springfield Illinois
The British Visions Or Isaac Bickerstaff Sen Being Twelve Prophesies for the Year 1711 Enterd Into the Hall-Book of the Company of Stationers
Educational Advantages for American Students in France
Biennial Report Montana Game and Fish Commission State of Montana Volume 1964-1966
The Centenary Movement of Thought An Address Delivered Before the Ohio State University at the Comm
The Early Outposts of Wisconsin A Paper Read Before the State Historical Society of Wisconsin December 26 1872 Green Bay for Two Hundred Years 1639-1839
Around San Francisco Bay
Slides and Photographs Florida
Address Delivered Before the American Academy of Dental Science at Their Eleventh Annual Meeting Held in Boston Oct 30 1878
Viaggio Di Leonardo Fea in Birmania E Regioni Vicine LXIII Formiche Di Birmania del Tenasserim E Dei Monti Carin Raccolte Da L Fea
Alleghania A Geographical and Statistical Memoir Exhibiting the Strength of the Union and the Weakness of Slavery in the Mountain Districts of the South
On the Dangerous Tendency to Innovations and Extremes in Education
Addresses Delivered at Its Late Annual Meeting
General Catalogue of the Theological Institute of Connecticut at East-Windsor 1843
Re-Union of the English High School Association February 20 1882 Presentation of the Portrait of Robert C Waterston with Remarks Upon That Occasion
Les Formicides de La Province DOran (Algerie)
Bulletin Volume No 102
From White House to Log Cabin Roosevelt Taft and Wilson at the Birth Place of Abraham Lincoln Volume 1
Report Volume 14
What Claim Has the Ministry Upon the Young Men of the Church and What Is a Call to the Ministry a Prize Essay
In the Land of the Harvest
Why Leonard Wood
The Old Falls House Volume 1
The Coonville Ristocrat Club
The Lineage of an American Patriot
The Parlor Patriots
Allopathy and Homeopathy Before the Judgement of Common Sense
A Reply to a Letter Addressed to Mr Van Buren President of the United States
What the War Teaches
Loyal Hearts
Memorials of 1776
The Lord Is at Hand A Sermon Preached at S Peters Chapel Charlotte Street Pimlico on Friday 14th December 1852
The Greeley Monument Unveiled at Greenwood December 4 1876
The Struggle for a Strong Federal Union 1783-1828
Why Work for the Slave Addressed to the Treasurers and Collectors in the Anti-Slavery Cent-A-Week Societies
The Use of Illustrative Material in Teaching Agriculture in Rural Schools
Hills Brigade
Status and Drift of New Testament Criticism
Condensed Suggestions for Steel Workers
The Enchanted Mesa
Historical Address
Biographical Sketches of the Governor Volume 5
History of Uncle Sam
Good Night Good Morning
Thomas Jeffersons Birthday Program and Selections for Its Celebration
Memorial of the Late Gen James S Wadsworth
From Shore to Shore
To the People of the Congressional District Composed of the Counties of Fayette Woodford and Clarke in Kentucky Volume 2
Slavery in the United States a Sermon Delivered in Amory Hall on Thanksgiving Day November 24 1842
Mediation Without Armistice The Wisconsin Plan
Educational Survey of Spalding County Georgia
Deep-Blue Violets
Virginia by an Absent Virginian
Paddy Doyle
Temple Bar Then and Now
Bubbie Being Rhymes by a Proud Parent
Education Brained
Peace by KHJ Illustrated by ELH
Address of the Starksborough and Lincoln Anti-Slavery Society to the Public Volume 2
Register of the Commandery of the District of Columbia from February 1 1882 (Date of Institution ) to May 31 1891
Speech of Mr Palfrey of Massachusetts on the Political Aspects of the Slave Question Delivered in the House of Representatives January 26th 1848
To the Bitter End A Tragedy in Five Acts
What Are Raw Materials Would Free Raw Materials Be Advantageous to the Labor and Indutries of the United States
Treasure Trove Forty Famous Poems by Various Authors--
Then and Now Oration By Charles A Sumner
Code of Statutes Given at the R Palace in Stockholm on the 29th June 1900
Safe in the Arms of Jesus Lillian Marie Harnickell March 31 1881 Only Daughter of Max and Kate H
Russias Gift to the World
New Neuropteroid Insects
Parcel Post Profit from Farm Produce Useful Information for the Farmer Dairyman and Poultry Raiser in Marketing His Farm Products by Parcel Post
Historical Sketch of the Library of Brown University with Regulations
Phoebus Arise
The Menace of the Trusts And How to Deal with It
Thoughts in Rhyme
A Continuation of de Damoiseaus Tables of the Satellites of Jupiter to the Year 1900
Preliminary Report of Insurance Companies Authorized to Do Business in South Carolina 1899 1901-07
Verse Grave and Gay
Violins Old New
Reports Volume 7 PTG
An Address Delivered at the Unveiling of the Henry County Confederate Monument
Proceedings in the House of Representatives of the United States on the Presentation of the Sword of Washington and the Staff of Franklin February 7 1843
Where Will Be Your Home an Appeal and Warning to Every Immigrant in America
The Man Behind the Gun
The Technique of Liason in Battle
The Cranberry
The Contest in America
One Hundred Secrets Revealed
The Influence of Breed and Individuality on the Composition and Properties of Milk
Endymion a Story of the Lake
Register of Members July 1 1912
Those Husbands of Ours
Jacob a Seatonian Poem
Railway Connections with Lake Superior
Publication of May 1895 [Extracts from Constitution and List of Members
The Anti-British Crusade in South Africa
The Victorian Jubilee
Education A Discourse
Monsieur Tonson a Popular Farce in Two Acts
The Relation of the Physician to the Education of the People
Description of 2-Inch Telescopic Sights Model of 1906 Oct 11 1907 REV Oct 11 1910 REV Dec 16 1913 REV March 1 1917
Amendment to Abolish Office of Controller of the Currency Etc
Myvyrian Archaiology The Pre-Columbian Voyages of the Welsh to America
Three Dear Friends
Report on Forestry in Sweden
The Issue Fairly Presented Black Republicanism Versus Democracy Law Order and the Will of the Majority of the Whole People Against Usurpation Anarchy Revolution and the Voice of a Meagre Minority of the People of Kansas Published by Order of the
Sham A Social Satire
What Are the Economic Principles Which Should Regulate the Borrowing Powers of Local Corporations a Paper
Note on Caoutchouc Obtained from the Chavannesia Esculenta
Our New Vicar [Signed XQ]
Asem the Man-Hater
Gods Holy Presence a Letter
Notes and Reviews
Argument of Wendell Phillips Esq
Fancys Guerdon
Hearings Before the Committee on the Judiciary House of Representatives Sixty-Sixth Congress First[-Third] Session
Officers Members and Standing Committees
Review of a Sermon Entitled the Christian Bishop Approving Himself Unto God In Reference to the Present State of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States Preached by Bishop Hobart at the Consecration of Henry U Onderdonk DD Assistan
Press Bulletin Issues 60-67
Recent Archaeological Explorations in the Valley of the Delaware
Marks of Spiritual Life and the Means of Its Development [2 Sermons]
Roger Brooke Taney The Annual Address Delivered Before the American Bar Association August 18 1881
Lines with a Brief Memoir on the Melancholy Death of Ellen Briggs Who Was Found Near Westminster Abbey and Humanely Relieved by Elizabeth Wetherall
A Lecture Comprising the History of the Second Parish in Beverly and the Origin and Progress of the Church of Christ Worshipping in That Place Delivered in the Meeting House of Said Parish Sabbath Evening July 6 1834
Potash Shales of Illinois
Savonarola and John Knox
Substance of the Speech Made by Gerrit Smith in the Capitol of the State of New York March 11th an
Tables of Ecclesiastical History From the Origin of Christianity to the Present Time
Moral Physiology Or a Brief and Plain Treatise on the Population Question
This World or the Next The Possibility of Making the Best of Both Worlds Questioned and Answered
Sanitary Commission No 75
Annual Report of the Dept of Weights and Measures
A Popular Treatise on Tea Its Qualities and Effects
A Brief Sketch of the Life and Public Services of William Henry Harrison
Interesting Information for Visitors to Santa Fe and to the Oldest Church
Circular Issue 184
Visitors Hand Book or How to See the Great Eastern
The Import of the Gospel Message and the Result of Its Faithful Announcement Illustrated in a Sermon Delivered at the Ordination of the REV Charles T Prentice to the Pastoral Care of the Congregational Church and Society in Weston North Fairfield
Canadas Interests in the West India Islands
A Daughter of Japan
The Gas Fitters Guide Showing the Principles and Practice of Lighting with Coal Gas Also Giving Details of Fittings Suitable for Lighting Dwelling Houses
The Alaskan Boundary Dispute from an American Point of View
A Funeral Oration on the Death of President Zachary Taylor Delivered at a United Meeting of the Citizens of Dennis and the Vicinity July 31 1850
Refutation of the Misstatements and Erroneous Conceptions of Mr Roosevelt
A Letter to Sir William Meredith Upon the Subject of Subscription to the Liturgy and Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England by an Englishman [J Jebb]
Semi-Centennial Address to the Alumni of Yale College
The Inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures
The Dance of the Seasons
A Syllabus of a Course in Elementary Physics
The History of the Filaria Sanguinis Hominis Its Discovery in the United States and Especially the Relationship of the Parasite to Chylocele of the Tunica Vaginalis Testis
Letter of John S Keyes to John G Palfrey with Mr Palfreys Reply to the Same Also the Letter of Benjamin Thompson Accepting the Nomination for Representative to the 31st Congress from District Issue 4
The Deseuret Furst Book Volume 1
The Royal Charters and Grants to the City of Lincoln
Genealogical Notes of the Colden Family in America
The Mystic Ride of the Somnial Bride
The Message of the Flag and Sundry Other Rhymes
Uncle Joshs Folks a Drama in Three Acts
An Outline on the History of Cookery
A Century in One of the Early New England Churches
The Will of John Crerar Dated August 5 1886 Admitted to Probate November 14 1889
The Hebrew Prince a Tragedy
Annual Report Volume 27
The Chilian International Exposition of 1875
A New Method of Slaughtering Animals for Human Food
The Two Commissions The Apostolical and the Evangelical
A Romantic Tale of High American Life
The Inwood Hotel Company
A Manual for the Mental and Physical Examination of School Children
The Message of Religion to Men of Our Day
The Maryland Campaign 1862 an Address Delivered Before the Maryland Historical Society March 12th 1883
The Voice of St John
The Freedom of the Will a Study in Materialism
An Oration Delivered in Schenectady NY July 4th 1821
A Description of the de Golyer Patent for Improved Wood Pavement Accompanied by a Report of a Chemical Analysis
The Gate of Dreams A Big in One Act
A Retrospect from the Round Tower of the Pomham Club Volume 2
The Secret Mine
The Masters Voice
The Thumbscrew
The Petition of Charles Goodyear Jr Executor
The Ordaz and Dortal Expeditions in Search of Eldorado As Described on Sixteenth Century Maps (with Two Maps)
An Oration Pronounced Before the Republican Citizens of the Town of Hingham in Commemoration of American Independence July 4th 1807
The Martyr President an Oration Delivered Before the Colored Citizens of Raleigh NC at the Dedication of the Statue of Abraham Lincoln August 1 1865 Volume 1
A Mysterious Disappearance a Farce
The Remedy by State Interposition or Nullification
The Millers Daughter Or Bound in Honor
Mormonism To-Day and Its Remedy
On Workmanship A Lecture
American Sumac A Valuable Tanning Material and Dyestuff
Proceedings of the Anti-Jackson Convention Held at the Capitol in the City of Richmond with Their Address to the People of Virginia Accompanied by Documents
Training Mary
Law Regulating the Examination of Teachers in Alabama
The Claim of Antiquity with an Annotated List of Books for Those Who Know Neither Latin Nor Greek
Pension Appropriation Bill for 1904 Hearings Before the Subcommittee of the
Agricultural Education an Address by President Abbot of the Michigan State Agricultural College
Popular Songs for Community Meetings
Teaching Boys and Girls How to Study Being a Brief Treatment of the Subject of the Training of Pupils in Right Habits of Study Through Proper Conduct of the Class Period
Alumni Bulletin Comprising a List of the Graduates of Colorado College to June 1909 Inclusive
McClellan Who He Is and What He Has Done and Little Mac From Balls Bluff to Antietam Both in One Revised by the Author
Address by the Hon Chauncey M DePew
The Message of the Hour Four Sermons Delivered on the New Years Day and the Day of Atonement 5651-1890
Report of JP Siddall Draft Commissioner
The Sly Subscription On the Norfolk Monarch C to Which Is Added the Britons Speech to Sir Politick
Christmas 1916 (Etchings)
Napa County California
Our Civil War A Lecture Delivered in Portland Maine
Addresses and Proceedings Volume 1905
Catalogue of Printed Books Virgilius Maro (Publius)
Grant An Address Delivered at the 23d Annual Reunion of the Old Soldiers and Sailors Association of Jo Daviess County Turner Hall Galena August 15 1905
Kiln Records
New Researches on the Therapeutic Use of Manganese as an Adjuvant of Iron
Evils of Tobacco As They Affect Body Mind and Morals
Report of the Railroad Commissioners of the State of New Hampshire
Report of Messrs Peck and Price Who Were Appointed at a Meeting of the Free Colored People of Baltimore Held on the 25th of November 1839 Delegates to Visit British Guiana and the Island of Trinidad For the Purpose of Ascertaining the Advantages to
Sundry Civil Bill 1916 [Part 3] Supplement to Hearings 63rd Congress 3D Session Coast Guard Alaskan Railroads
School Life and Its Influence on Sight
Brief Memorials of the Late REV Charles Green
Revision Or the Pruning Knife Suggestions on the Bible Question
Remarks of Mr Phelps of Vermont on the Oregon Bill and Also on the Compromise Bill Delivered in the Senate of the United States June 29 and July 24 1848
Notes on Some Hydromedusae from the Bay of Naples
Annual Report of the Directors of the American Education Society Volume 49
Thoughts and Hints on Education
List of the Shells of the Canaries in the Collection of the British Museum
Office Methods
Useful Information Concerning Book Impositions Including All the Modern and Many Special Layouts Hitherto Not Generally Known
Crepis Occidentalis and Its Allies
Twenty-Four Hymns with Original Tunes
Beaumarchais and Plautus The Sources of the Barbier de Seville
University Extension An Address Delivered Before the Wisconsin Teachers Association at Madison December 29 1890
Preliminary Report on the Department of Electricity
Sketch of the Geology of Alabama
Town of Belmont New Hampshire Annual Report Volume 1872
Report of the Committee on Ways Means Shewing the Quantity and Value of Real Estate in the Several Counties and Howard District
1836 1886 Official Programs With Words and Music of the Semi-Centennial Anniversary of the State of Michigan Held at Lansing June 15 1886
The Underhill and Townsend Families A Historical Sketch
Culture and Manufacture of Ramie and Jute in the United States
Report on the Expediency of Celebrating in Future the Landing of the Pilgrims on the Twentyfirst Day of December Instead of the Twentysecond Day of That Month
Christ Purifying His Temple Or the Principle of the Puritans
Report of the President of the Howard University To the Secretary of the Interior for the Year Ended June 30 1901
Freddie Goes to College
Speech Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Speech of Hon E O Perrin at Washingtons Monument to Sergeant Bates After He Had Been Driven with His Flag from the National Capitol April 14 1868
Scenes in Florida
The Settlement of Hingham Massachusetts
Simon Solus
The Lamp of Salvation A Sermon Preached in Ely Cathedral on Sunday January 27th 1878 in Behalf of the Society for Promoting the Employment of Additional Curates Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Speech of Hon Delos R Ashley of Nevada on Reconstruction Delivered in the House of Representatives March 10 1866
Speech of the Right Hon J G Hubbard MP On Mr Osborne Morgans Resolution Respecting the Burials Question With a Preface Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Sklavenraeuber Strongylognathus Huberi SSP Alpinus Wheeler Der
Communication from the Mayor of Baltimore With the Mayor and Board of Police of Baltimore City
Salt for the Leach In Reflections Upon Reflections
Town of Belmont New Hampshire Annual Report Volume 1866
The Romance of the Moon
Bull and Bowens Road Book of Western New York
The Stepmother A Dramatic Poem
Speech of Hon John A McClernand of Illinois on the State of the Union Delivered in the House of Representatives January 14 1861
The Public Schools of Archuleta County Colorado A Survey
The Death of Alexander the Great Newdigate Prize Poem
The Pretended Discovery of a Roman Bath at Bath [By E Green] with Remarks on a Recent Publication [By CE Davis] Entitled The Bathes of Bathes Ayde in the Reign of Charles II
The Northern Boundary of Massachusetts in Its Relation to New Hampshire A Part of the Councils Report Made to the American Antiquarian Society at Worchester on October 21 1890
A Few Suggestions on Tree-Planting
A Bunch of Immortelles and Other Poems
The Doll Shop
A Sketch of the Most Remarkable Scenery Near Callander of Monteath Particularly the Trosachs [By M Oswald]
An Edict Fixing a Maximum of Prices Throughout the Roman Empire [Ed by WM Leake]
The Advantages of a Settled Pastorate
A Discourse Commemorative of the Late Major-Gen William Moultrie Delivered in the Independent Church on the Fifteenth of October 1805 at the Request of the Society of the Cincinnati of South-Carolina Before That Society and the American Revolution S
The Typical Parts in the Skeletons of a Cat Duck and Codfish a Catalogue
The Arabic and Turkish Manuscripts in the Newberry Library
The Panic and the Present Depression Address Delivered Before the American Academy of Political and Social Science Philadelphia April 10 1908
An Excellent Receipt
The Problem of American Destiny an Oration
An Address on the Educational Values of Courses in Agriculture
The Late Prints for a Standing Army and in Vindication of the Militia Considerd Are in Some Parts Reconcild
The Inheritance of the Length of Internode in the Rachis of the Barley Spike
The Government Policy with Respect to Afghanistan Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Anti-Examination Craze
The Secrets and Influence of the Roman Catholic Confessional
The Boundary Dispute Between Illinois and Wisconsin an Address Read Before the Chicago Historical Society at a Special Meeting Held May 19 1904
Year Book Volume 3
Hearings Before the Committee on the Judiciary House of Representatives
Wisconsin Memorial Day Annual
Landscape Gardening a Collection of Plans Illustrating the Improvement of Home Grounds Town Lots Real Estate Subdivisions Public Squares Cemeteries with Copious Explanations
An Oration Delivered at the Request of the Republicans of Boston at Fanueil Hall on the Fourth of July 1822
Weed Blossoms
A Reply to Hon E S Bragg
Literature in the High School
A Treatise on the Potatoe With an Essay to Show the Cause of the Disease and to Suggest Its Remedy
The Annual Report of the Connecticut Historical Society Volume 17
Elimination Bill
The Question of Caste
A Biographical Sketch of the Late Dr William Jones Read Before the Association of the Oldest Inhabitants of the District of Columbia
The Recruitment of Officers in Time of Peace in the Principal Armies of Europe
The Fisheries of China
A Century of National Life a Thanksgiving Sermon by Henry Melville King DD Delivered at a Union Service of Baptist Churches Held in the Tabernacle Baptist Church Albany NY November 29th 1888
A Kereskedelmi Torveny Revisioja
Tomato Culture A Practical Treatise on the Growing and Cultivation of the Tomato
A Sermon Preachd in the Gild-Hall Chappel London September 28 1706 Being the Day of the Election of the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor
The Blood of Ormsby Korndyke Lad in Recognition of His Superior Qualities as a Sire and in Appreciation of the Higher Standard of Excellence Which He Brought Not Only to Our Own Herd But to the Breed We Publish This Review of His Work and Illustrate the
Four Poems
The Life Boat and Other Life-Saving Inventions
Shakespeare the Man An Essay
Concerning President Garfields Ancestry
Regulations of the Agricultural Mechanical College of Kentucky
Thomas Robbins DD A Biographical Sketch
A Rapid and Accurate Quantitative Method for the Determination of Arachidic and Lignoceric Acids Wit
McClellans Military Career Reviewed and Exposed The Military Policy of the Administration Set Forth and Vindicated
Oils Paints and Materials for the Cleaning and Preservation of Seacoast Guns Gun Carriages Sights and Position-Finding Instruments February 1 1898 Revised April 28 1908 Revised March 20 1909
Renaissance and Other Poems
The Past and the Present Semi-Centennial Address to the Alumni of Yale College
Demeter A Mask
Public Pensions to Widows with Children A Study of Their Administration in Several American Cities
An Upward Look for Mothers
The Dedication of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Park Address
Sketch of the Life of Dr Crosby of Charlestown NH
The Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Settlement of the Town of New Milford Conn July 17th 1907
The Science of Columbus Volume 7 Issue 9
The Problem of the Merry Wives of Windsor
For My Mother
Problems about War for Classes in Arithmetic
Purchase of Monticello Hearings Before the Committee on Rules House of
Address February 15th 1916
Academic Examinations and Academic Funds An Address by Andrew S Draper at the 44th University Convocation of the State of New York in the Senate Chamber Captiol Albany NY Friday Morning October 26 1906
Aesthetic Criticism in Canada Its Aims Methods and Status Being a Short Propaedeutic to the Appreciation of the Fine Arts and the Writing of Criticism on Literature Painting and Dramatic and Musical Performances
Caught Out
Animal Analogues Verses and Illustrations
Address on the Study of Mathematics
Uncle Jeds Fidelity
Americanizing a City The Campaign for the Detroit Night Schools Conducted in August-September 1915
Story of Lafayette
In an Old-Time Garden and Bits of Nature Verse
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 24 Issue 4
Our Soldiers in the Field--Are They No Longer the Representatives of Their Fellow Citizens at Home
Admission of California
American Library History
Story of the Slave Paper Read Before the Monmouth Colony Historical Association on October 30th 1902
Lines to an Ancient Live Oak and Other Verses of California
To Preserve the Nations Heritage Vital Importance of the Appalachian Forest Project What the Civic Association Must Do
AIDS in Library Work with Foreigners
The Naming of Indiana
An Oration Delivered in the Chapel of the Columbian College on 22d of February 1830
The Nations Blessing in Trial A Sermon Preached in the South Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn
Studies on the Digestibility of Some Animal Fats
Bacteriological Studies of the Soils of the Truckee-Carson Irrigation Project
Address of President Taft at the Banquet Given in His Honor by the Americus Club Volume 1
A Political Romance Or the True Story of a Democratic Maiden Showing How She Came to Grief and Other Sketches Comprising a Sextet of Humorous Poems
Character and Public Career of Patrick Henry
Sermons by the REV Mr Weston and the REV Byron Sunderland Preached in the Hall of Representatives Sunday April 28th 1861
The Previous Engagement a Comedy in One Act for One Person
Happy in Life and in Death Volume 2
The Shakespeare Water Cure
Pacific Coast Souvenir
Speech of the Hon M Van Buren of the Senate on the ACT to Carry Into Effect the Act of 13th April 1819 for the Settlement of the Late Governors Accounts
Excursion Planned for the City History Club of New York
A Tabloid A Tragic Farce
The Comet and Other Verses
Laurea The Anniversary Poem Read to the Graduating Class of Pemberton Square School Boston June 19th 1867
Tiny Folk of Wintry Days
Pythias and Damon Or a New Way to Pay Old Debts
Address Delivered by Judge Arthur Mac Arthur at the Ninth Annual Commencement of the Washington Normal School for the District of Columbia June 9 1882
On the Relative Digestibility of Fish Flesh in Gastric Juice
An Essay on the Usefulness of Mathematical Learning In a Letter from a Gentleman in the City to His Friend at Oxford
A Popular Catechism of Consumption Its Nature Causes Prevention and Cure
Madison the Capital of Wisconsin Its Growth Progress [C]
Report of Progress of Exploration in the Country Between Lake St John and James Bay Made Under Instructions from the Department of Colonization and Mines Quebec
Comparative Cost of Municipal Services
Penal Discipline Three Letters Suggested by the Interest Taken in the Recent Inquiry in Birmingham and Published in the Daily News 23rd 24th and 26th September
The Young Widow
Nursing Services in Small Manufacturing Plnts
Toothache and Other Affections of the Teeth Relieved by the Electric Cautery
Mechanical Drawing Instruction Paper
North America and Africa Their Past Present and Future and Key to the Negro Problem Volume 1
Vivisection Five Hundred Dollar Prize Essays
Pamphlets Issue 54
Malarial Prophylaxis in Small Isolated Communities in Central Africa
Tom Moore in Bermuda A Bit of Literary Gossip
Tractatio Iur de Matrimonio Cum Damnato Ad Mortem Contrahendo
Diss Med Path Pract de Morborum Aetatum Fundamentis Pathologico-Therapeuticis
Report to Wm J Dale Surgeon General Massachusetts Boston Oct 1 1862
Statement of the Progress and Condition of the University of California
Primer in the Fulah Language
On the Legend of Tristan Its Orgin in Myth and Its Development in Romance
Report (Washington (State) Dept of Health)
Score Card for City School Buildings Volume 5
The Claims of Industrial Art in Modern Education
The Terms of Peace in an American War Policy
The Habits of the Tent-Building Ant (Cremastogaster Lineolata Say)
The Wine Question
The Synoptical Investment Tables
The Governors Message Reviewed Misstatements and Misconceptions of the Governor the Immediate Cause of the War the Concessions and Sacrifices Made by the North to Preserve the Union the Proclamation and the Future Volume 1
The Army and the Navy of the United States of America 1917
The Ants of the Genus Opisthopsis Emery
The Authorship of a Warning for Fair Women
An Essay on Temperance Addressed Particularly to Students and the Young Men of America
The Anticlinal Theory as Applied to Some Quicksilver Deposits
The Irish Naturalist Volume 10
A Calendar of the Contents of the Red Book of the Irish Exchequer
The House Beautiful
The Rules and Regulations of the Reading Room at Mr [JH] Parkers in the Turl (the University City and County Reading Room) to Which Are Prefixed the Names of the Members (and a Catalogue of the Books)
A Biographical Sketch of the Life and Services of Gen William Henry Harrison
The State House in Boston Massachusetts
An Analysis of the Early Records of Harvard College 1636-1750
An Oration Delivered in St Philips Church Before the Inhabitants of Charleston South-Carolina on Monday the 4th of July 1814 in Commemoration of American Independence By Appointment of the 76 Association and Pub at the Request of That Society
The Lincolnshire Origin of Some Exeter Settlers
The True Whig Sentiment of Massachusetts Volume 2
The Greatness of the Human Soul an Address Delivered at the Seventh Anniversary of the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary South Hadley Mass
An Address Delivered at the Opening of the Library of Christian Hall Chestnut Hill January 10 1871
A Manual for Christians Preparatory to Confirmation and Communion [Signed WJI]
The Pledging of Polly
The Capture of Mount Washington
Memorial in Conjuction with Perrys Victory Centennial and Exposition Committee on Industrial Arts and Expositions House of Representatives Volume 2
Punk Or the Amateur Rehearsal
Where Is My Coat
A Funeral Discourse
Standing by
The Yearly Moons
The Scope and Content of the District High School
Recollections of the Old Borough of Chester from 1834 to 1850 Of the Streets Houses Places of Business Inhabitants and General Surroundings
The Rebellion and Our Foreign Relations
Miss de Courcy a Drama in Four Acts
Speech of Cassius M Clay at Frankfort KY from the Capitol Steps January 10 1860
Happy School Days
Budget and Tariff Compared
The Evolution of a Bootblack
Henry Knox Thatcher
Euroclydon Or the Shipwreck of St Paul
Class Day
When Mother Came to College
The Weight of a Falling Drop and the Laws of Tate The Drop Weights and Molecular Weights of Some of the Lower Esters
Benedetto Cotrugli Raugeo Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Buchhaltung
The Story of Washington
Minnesota Her Agricultural Resources Commercial Advantages and Manufacturing Capabilities Being a Concise Description of the State of Minnesota and the Inducements She Offers to Those Seeking Homes in a New Country
Memoirs Chemical Series Volume 6 No 3
Patriotism An Oration Delivered Before the Phi Beta Kappa of Harvard College Commencement 1900
The Carapace and Plastron of Basilemys Sinuosus a New Fossil Tortoise from the Laramie Beds of Mont
Pheidole Et Quelques Autres Fourmis Neotropiques
Avon Inn Key East Beach NJ
Preliminary Report of the Field Work of the U S Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territor
How Niagara Was Made Free The Passage of Niagara Reservation ACT in 1885
Method in Geometry
Hearing Before the Senate Committee on Military Affairs Relating to Various Army Matters
Historical Sketch of School District Number Thirteen North Danvers Or as It Is Known Abroad Danve
Remarks Upon the Presence of the Clergy in the Legislative Assembly and the Constitutional Grounds Upon Which the Bishops of the Church of England Sit in the House of Lords by a Clergyman
Standard of Weights and Measures Volume 1
Literary Ethics --
Statistical Summary of the Progress of the Colony of Victoria to the Year 1865
The Hampton Roads Conference A Refutation of the Statement That Mr Lincoln Said If Union Was Written at the Top the Southern Commissioners Might Fill in the Balance
A List of Rare Books Manuscripts and Autorgraphs in Vassar College Library
Old and Ancient Rye
Squab Culture
Oregon-California Railroad Land Grants Hearing Before the Subcommittee of
Observance of Fourth of July 1885 in Honolulu Oahu H I
Sweet Peas
Saving a Sinner
Restoration and Reservation of Certain Public Lands in California and Oregon Report
Reports of Committee Appointed by the Board of Controllers of Public Schools of the First School District of Pennsylvania on the Condition of the Several Schools in the Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth and Eleventh School Sections
Syllabus for Secondary Schools 1910 Home Economics
Mid the Catskill Mountains
Poems of Charles J Stewart
Phil-O-Rums Canoe and Madeleine Vercheres Two Poems
Report of the Greek University Commission Upon the Atrocities and Devastations Committed by the Bulgarians in Eastern Macedonia
Sporozoon Parasites of Certain Fishes in the Vicinity of Woods Hole Massachusetts
Petalesharoo and the Star Brave
Play the Game Being the Fulfillment of a Promise
Political Frauds (Lawyer and Court Robbery)
Self-Government in Louisiana Speech of Hon J R West of Louisiana in the United States Senate February 1 1875
Reforestation in Massachusetts
Souvenir of Lincoln National Park Hodgenville Kentucky Volume 2
On the Food of Fishes
Regulations No 36 Revised United States Cotton Futures ACT Approved August 11 1916 Rules and Regulations Promulgated by the Secretaty of the Treasury August 29 1916
An Eulogium Upon the Hon William Tilghman Late Chief Justice of Pennsylvania
A Talk about Books Addressed Originally to the Students of the Central High School Buffalo
Pharmacop Ia
The Death of President Lincoln A Sermon Preached in St Peters Church Albany N Y on
Samuel J Tilden the Great Democrat Address of Francis Lynde Stetson 10 February 1914 (Annotated)

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